Meat & Deli

In store, a fine selection of meats to choose from...

Chicken Pieces - boneless or bone in chicken breasts, quartered chickens, drumsticks and thighs, and stuffed bacon wrapped chicken breast.

Whole Chickens - whole, Cajun or Lemon Pepper spiced flattened.

Beef Roasts - inside round, prime rib or beef tenderloin.

Beef Steaks - strip loin, sirloin, t-bone, rib eye, prime rib, beef tenderloin and flank steaks.

Pork Chops - regular, smoked, butterfly and boneless.

Other Beef - ground beef, stewing meat, beef ribs and prepared burgers.

Ham - whole and half, smoked or fresh.

Pork - tenderloin, butts, back ribs, midget ribs and ground pork

Turkeys - fresh or frozen free range.

Homemade Sausage - a fine selection of spiced sausages including breakfast, Maple Breakfast, Hot Italian, Mild Italian, Honey Dijon, BBQ Pulled Pork, Garlic and Chive, Sun Dried Tomato and Basil, Oktoberfest, Turkey, Chorizo and not least Muskokafest.

Fish and Seafood - salmon and rainbow trout fillets, scallops and pickerel.

... or if you fancy something different ask about a Custom Order.

Custom Orders

We offer custom orders. We will always strive for accuracy to ensure that what we serve is something you can be proud of. Further to this, if there is an item that you can’t find within our store, we will do our very best to see if we can bring it in on a special order. While we cannot bring every item that you may need to the shelf, it doesn't mean we cannot bring it in on a special order just for you. One of our great staff will be more then happy to assist you in-store, or simply call and let is know how we can help.

Freezer Bundle Specials

We offer seasonal Freezer Bundle specials and the Cottage bundle. To Order contact the store in advance as it may take up to a week to prepare each bundle depending on the availability of products. All our freezer bundles include cutting and wrapping of your order to your specifications. Please note Freezer Bundle orders are subject to change based on market value of meats at the time of your order.


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