Photograph courtesy of Wray Ellis.May 11, 2016His family were former owners from 1973-1981


The West Guilford Shopping Centre has been located in West Guilford, on County Road 7 for the past 50 years. Originally  built and owned by Mack Prentice, the store has changed hands several times. Bill and Edna Burden are the fourth proprietors of the business and both strive to continue on the traditions of the store’s original owner by providing customers with the best service possible.

Since taking ownership in 1983, the Burdens have made two expansions to the building to accommodate the growth in the community as well as the increasing cottager population. The first expansion in the early 90′s improved the butchery department and allowed the business to increase the variety of meat products available. The second expansion, done ten years ago, was to include an LCBO and BEER STORE agency section.

Over the years, Bill and Edna have also accommodated the community in many ways by offering their support for local people and events. By allowing local artisans and authors a place where they can sell their items, which have included books, CDs, and greeting cards, they have helped to encourage the local economy.

Today, the West Guilford Shopping Centre still specializes in fresh meats and meat butchery while offering a variety of other goods and services ranging from fresh produce and bakery items to dry cleaning by Lindsay Dry Cleaners, an outlet for Canada Post, and a courier agent for Purolator. The West Guilford Shopping Centre strives to be your one stop shopping experience.


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